Made in His Image

There are many great illustrations to help explain the Holy Trinity. However, I had never heard it like this and it feels like, to me, the way God wanted it to be explained (at least to me). It spoke to me! It made it real to me. It connected me to God in a way I’d never…Read more »

Don’t Judge Me.

Why is it that we always assume people are judging us? As if people really think that much about us outside of any day to day conversation we may have had with them. We have a growing epidemic in our society that is so prideful that we (falsely) criticize others for “judging” us when truly,…Read more »

Your Hobby, Your Ministry

1st Peter 4:10 tells us “Each one of us should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” A few of us are able (both financially and with afforded time) to pursue hobbies. Whatever your hobby is, make it your ministry. When we take seemingly meaningless…Read more »

Your Work, Your Ministry

Whatever it is that you do, make it your ministry. Work the window at a fast food place? Make it your ministry.Clean bathrooms at the airport? Make it your ministry.Stay at home with small children? Take care of elderly parents? Make it your ministry!(Write a blog?… you get it!) Jesus touched peoples’ lives by being…Read more »