Welcome to Habakkuk Blog

Hi! and thanks for checking out Habakkuk blog! After working in the corporate world I, like many people often do, found myself longing a more meaningful, slower paced life. For me, that meant a more God and family oriented life. I became a stay at home wife and mother of one incredibly deserving husband and two beautiful children and my calling in life became so very clear – to emulate God’s vision for the family unit to the best of my ability.

Along the way, and as my children become more independent, I’ve felt compelled through prayer to pursue my God given talents and hobbies which include singing, guitar and writing. Feeling compelled by the giant price tag of dance and swim lessons, I decided to try my hand at freelance writing as a means to earn some money to help my kids explore and expound on their own passions.

About nine months ago, I began to feel the need to start journaling – a muscle I had not flexed in many years. About six months later, I found the Habakkuk verse and it spoke to me. I didn’t know I’d be formulating a blog, and I have no idea what God’s plan for this is, but I started to write. Mostly, about what I feel God has put in my heart through His word, the Bible. Then, it was encouraged through the research I have done to start a blog so others can sample my writing. Three months later, and here we are!

I’ve always wanted to write. Here we go!

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