Made in His Image

There are many great illustrations to help explain the Holy Trinity. However, I had never heard it like this and it feels like, to me, the way God wanted it to be explained (at least to me). It spoke to me! It made it real to me. It connected me to God in a way I’d never considered.  

In the Old Testament, God created man and woman in his own image. (Genesis 1:26 – “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness…). We have all heard this, but have you ever pondered just what part of you is even remotely “like” God? Or if we are all made in His image, how are we all so different? The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one God. They make up the Great “I am.” Likewise, we have a physical body, a soul, and our Spirit.  

Our physical body is the likeness of the Son. Jesus was fully human and fully God. He got thirsty, tired, maybe had some aches and pains from all the walking. He had a body.  

We have also been given the gift of a soul. Some call it your “heart.” It’s what allows us to be moved by certain music, connects us to nature, gives us individual personalities, and it is ours to determine the destiny for. This is where free-will comes into play. Our souls feel temptations of the flesh and convictions of the Spirit. It’s what defines our moral compass. Our disciplined decision making on a daily basis determines the health, happiness, and eternal welfare of this gift. We can align it with or differentiate it completely with that of our Spirit. Jesus also had his own soul that allowed him to feel how we feel. He had emotions – empathy, anger, fear, sadness. He faced and overcame temptation. He was able to overcome temptation by aligning his soul with the Spirit of God. 

When we invite the Holy Spirit to live and dwell in us, we add the third element to our being – that “Spirit” part to the Holy Trinity. People spend their entire lives searching to fill voids in their “souls”, their hearts. Those who find Jesus Christ most often acclaim that Christ was the missing piece. It’s the piece that empowers us to step out in faith, reassures our soul when we are desperate, and through which we find peace unexplainable in circumstances that those who don’t know Him feel the deepest levels of hurt and loss. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is what empowers and anoints people to preach the gospel, prophesy, heal, pray bold and powerful prayers in the name of Jesus Christ! 

We are, like God, three in one. We are comprised of these three separate, yet unified elements. A person can ask “How are you, today?” and your physical body may be broken, but your spirit and soul full of joy. Conversely, the physical body could be just fine but the condition of the soul is reluctant. As Christians, we are to align our soul with the Holy Spirit within us. This doesn’t mean our soul won’t have questions but it does mean that we have the power in the name of Jesus Christ to make life altering decisions for the good of our soul. Being made in God’s image is what gives us the purpose to make our work our ministry! To make every encounter we have with this world count for the glory of His Name! 

I don’t know about you, but that fires me up on the inside! Makes my soul dance, if you will… This momma’s body might feel tired, but my spirit finds rest in Jesus Christ, my soul is joyful and excited for days ahead. I feel closer to God than ever before because I finally realize what that enigma of an “image” is! I hope that my passion is conveyed in this message and it lights that fire inside of you, too. If you are missing the third link to your being, I invite you to ask the Holy Spirit to come dwell in you. Feel free to message me. In Jesus’ Name. 

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