Repent… just the word makes people anxious and puts us on guard. But why? Such a strong word… It invokes self examination and awareness. It compels us to self amendment. I rather like it, if I think on it long enough. I have, here lately, been meditating on this word. It was a word given to me during prayer for myself and as a word to speak on. It’s a wonderful word that needs a fair trial. To admit wrong doing and to commit oneself to correction is to set oneself up for a domino effect of blessing! Blessings by way of forgiveness, goodness, self control, and ultimately joy and peace!

It’s hard to hear, though, that we need to repent. Someone else has found us out. It requires humility public admittance of guilt. It also means laying down chains that we have clung to for a time so long we no longer notice the weight. In today’s society, in the secular world, to admit such weakness is to invite judgement, ridicule and risks our reputation. In the days of old, though, repentance was judged much more harshly than ugly words of denouncement. To confess to sins could mean physical harm, or death. Yet, humanity is called to do it, all the same.

Because in our weakness, we find God’s strength. When we commit ourselves to a new way, we find the blessings, the healing, the growth. When the dust settles and whispers hush, and people begin to pay attention and see a change in us is when God’s work is done. Examples are set. Suddenly, our reputation as the sinner we were is dead and gone and we begin to build a new name for ourselves – the person God intended us to be. This is the person that God uses to witness to and save His people and encourages others to accept repentance. We notice in ourselves, too, a new way – a better way of living that we may never had been able to see before.

Yes, God is in repentance. The word is a beautiful, deep, life giving word. It should be embraced, practiced, and preached.

On another note, Friends, I’ve been working on some new material but would also like to know what my readers would like to discuss and read? Please drop a note in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!

All my love,


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